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  • Round Here And Over Yonder


    Every state, town, and holler has its stereotypes: New Yorkers are rude. Minnesotans are polite to a fault. Southerners are sweet as tea to your face but will murder you with a “Bless your heart” behind your back. And the residents of tiny Bugtussle, Kentucky . . . tussle bugs or something. We don’t know.

    But what if there’s more to these places–many of which most of us have only heard of and never actually visited–than meets the eye? And what if it turns out that the people who inhabit them are just like us?

    Join Trae and Corey in this irreverent travel guide that takes you to the smallest of small towns in the South and to major US metropolises. (Or is it metropoli? We don’t know that either.) They even hop the Atlantic to review some of them fancy European places that PBS Viewers Like You can’t stop yapping about. Chickamauga and Cheyenne, Napa and New Orleans, Seattle and Scotland–no matter where Trae and Corey go, there’s something to roast, something to toast, and something to learn about what ties us together as humans.

    When it comes down to it, Trae and Corey are just two Southern boys who, by virtue of luck and a little hard work, were lucky enough to see the world beyond Mammaw’s front porch. Hilarious and heartwarming in turns, Round Here and Over Yonder is just what we need to make this big scary world feel just a little smaller.

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  • Big Book Of Big Laughs For Kids


    What do you call a flock of sheep rolling down a hill? A lamb-slide, of course! Your 6- to 12-year-olds will go bonkers over these hilarious one-liners, riddles, knock-knock jokes, and tongue twisters. This party rocks with clean humor and rollicking buffoonery. Get ready for giggles, belly laughs, and hours of fun!

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  • Dock Tok Presents The Good The Dad And The Punny


    From the online sensation comes this family-friendly collection of gloriously groan-inducing dad jokes, delivered straight from the dock and directly to your funny bone.

    Nobody does dad jokes better than the guys from Dock Tok, TikTok’s #1 home for the wackiest one-liners, funniest puns, and most priceless plays on words you’ve ever heard. But you don’t need to go online to find the best of these clever quips–they’re right here in this book!

    Still not hooked? Maybe these wisecracks from the water’s edge will help reel you in:
    I’m writing a book on reverse psychology.

    Please don’t buy it.

    I wonder what kind of doctor Dr. Pepper was.
    A fizzician.

    I took my cat’s meds.
    Don’t ask meow.

    Get The Good, the Dad, and the Punny for your friends and family. After all, who doesn’t love a good dad pun? No one . . . and that’s no joke!

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  • Big Book Of Big Laughs For Kids


    What do you call a flock of sheep rolling down a hill? A lamb-slide, of course! Your 6- to 12-year-olds will go bonkers over these hilarious one-liners, riddles, knock-knock jokes, and tongue twisters. This party rocks with clean humor and rollicking buffoonery. Get ready for giggles, belly laughs, and hours of fun!

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  • Jokes For Kids Bundle 2


    Jokes for Kids Bundle 2: Animals, Road trips, Riddles, Knock-knock jokes by Chantelle Grace, Is your budding comedian looking for new material? If so, this is the book for you!

    Why did Mozart get rid of his chickens? They kept saying Bach, Bach!

    What did Deleware? Her New Jersey

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  • Good Night Dude Perfect


    Get ready for bed–Dude Perfect style! Join your favorite sports comedy YouTubers for a fun way to say good night to trick shots, friendly challenges, hilarious characters, world records, and all your favorite things in the DP universe in this entertaining, rhyming bedtime book.

    Say good night to a busy day along with Dude Perfect in this engaging picture book. Even the most active child will want to wind down with the Dudes before heading off to a dreamland full of bottle flips and Overtime shows.

    Good Night, Dude Perfect

    *is for children 4 to 8 and Dude Perfect fans of all ages;
    *lets readers say good night to Cody, Garrett, Cory, Coby, Ty, and Panda;
    *includes nods to memorable Dude Perfect history, tricks, and games;
    *features fun rhymes; and
    *is the perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas, and Father’s Day.

    Tonight, take a break with Dude Perfect as you look forward to more action tomorrow. Pound it, noggin, see yaaa-wn!

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  • Laugh Out Loud Puns Jokes And Riddles For Kids


    Combining over 400 of the best hand-picked jokes, puns, and riddles from three of Rob Elliott’s bestselling joke books, this collection is the antidote to boring car rides, hum-drum family dinners, and those moments when kids can’t find anything to do (and don’t appreciate your suggestions about cleaning their rooms or taking out the trash).

    Perfect for kids ages 9-12 (and, let’s face it, those adults you know with that level sense of humor–maybe yourself?), this latest offering from Rob Elliott will have the whole family chuckling, guffawing, snorting milk out their noses, and making various other expressions of glee and merriment.

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  • Youre Joking Me


    What is a golfer’s favorite drink? Tee.

    What happens when a pony sings? He gets a little hoarse.

    What happens when snowmen get nervous? They get cold feet.

    How do you find out how much fruit is on each tree in the beginning of Creation? You Adam up.

    Written by a kid for kids, You’re Joking Me is a hilarious collection of more than 400 puns, riddles, one-liners, and knock-knock jokes that are sure to have kids (and their adults) laughing up a storm. The perfect gift for the kid in your life, You’re Joking Me guarantees hours of good, clean fun!

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  • Best Worst Dad Jokes


    A family friendly collection of clean and hysterical jokes that will have everyone laughing and rolling their eyes at dad. (So what else is new?)

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  • Im Not Ready For This


    From popular humor writer and social media sensation Anna Lind Thomas comes a second book of charming and uproarious essays that capture our universal need for life to just slow down and give us as minute–we weren’t ready for this!

    Anna Lind Thomas wants everyone to just calm down and give her a minute, okay? She’s not ready for this! In fact, through her latest collection of laugh out loud essays, she’ll prove she’s never been ready for anything in her life. Adult decisions, marriage, parenting, crows feet, large pores, skinny jeans– you name it, she ain’t ready for it! She’s never, not once, been ready for swimsuit season. Or her monthly period, even though her iWatch gives her several warnings. She wasn’t ready to look her female professor in the eye after inexplicably whispering I love you during a hug, nor was she ready to leave the hospital with her newborn because she has a bizarre inability to pay attention while someone gives her detailed instructions. Don’t even get her started on that one time she appeared on national TV in a blazer two sizes too small because she thought she’d lose twenty pounds before the shoot. Good grief, she just wasn’t ready!

    Through her signature wit, charm, and painful relatability, Anna reminds us that no one’s truly ready for anything–so we might as well go for it and see what happens. She bets it’ll be real good–or at least, real funny.

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  • Fun Jokes For Kids


    What’s black and white,
    black and white,
    black and white?
    A panda bear rolling down the mountain.

    Jokes are fun. . .and here are more than 500 super silly, squeaky clean jokes that 8-12-year-olds can tell their parents. . .their grandmas. . .their pastors. . .even their dogs! (Just don’t expect Fido to laugh out loud.)

    Covering topics like
    *the animal world
    *the Bible

    –and including a whole section on knock-knocks and riddles– Fun Jokes for Kids is guaranteed to brighten someone’s day.

    And each section includes an inspirational introduction that adds just a touch of scripture. What could be better than that?

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  • Greatest Of All Time Clean Jokes For Kids


    Need a dose of that Proverbs 17:22 “merry heart medicine”?

    Well, here’s a heapin’ helpin’ for kids ages 8 to 12!

    Here are scores of funny stories, riddles, and knock-knocks for young readers. They cover nearly every aspect of life:
    *parents and siblings
    *Fido and Fluffy
    *and much, much more

    And they’re all good clean fun–the kind of stuff you can share with grandma.

    You’ll even find space for capturing your own favorite jokes and stories.

    It’s the GOAT–the greatest of all time!

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  • Laughter Therapy : Good Medicine To Make Your Heart Glad


    Patient: “I always feel that I’m covered in gold paint, doctor.

    “Psychiatrist: “Oh, that’s just your gilt complex.”

    They say laughter is one of the most effective forms of therapy. If so, who better to provide counsel than the comedic duo behind A Joke a Day Keeps the Doctor Away and Laughter Never Gets Old?

    Bestselling author Bob Phillips reteams with cartoonist Jonny Hawkins for Laughter Therapy-a collection of hilarious jokes, clever cartoons, side-splitting one-liners, and funny anecdotes guaranteed to help you fight off the blues and blahs.

    Whether you’re recovering from illness or surgery, struggling with personal issues, dealing with a crisis, or just having a rough time, humor can be the pick-me-up you need to feel better. Brighten your day with a little Laughter Therapy!

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  • What Happens At Grandmas Stays At Grandmas


    The Best Memories Are Made in the Everyday Moments

    Nationally syndicated newspaper columnist Lori Borgman has adored being a grandmother from the day her first grandbaby was born. Through every memorable moment-from misadventures in missing teeth to being asked innocent questions like, “Were you alive when Aesop wrote those fables?”-her love for grandchildren and this new role in life has only grown.

    In What Happens at Grandma’s Stays at Grandma’s, Lori shares tender and amusing vignettes of grandparenting that will swell your heart and leave you smiling at the wonder of life. She treasures each second of joy and chaos that her family creates and encourages you to do the same. This book will help you…
    *Appreciate the unique gifts of the important people-young or grown-in your life
    *Take a break from the day’s busyness to savor each moment
    *Find a silver lining even in the silliest of situations

    These uplifting stories and reflections, told with Lori’s signature wit and warmth, will remind you to cherish every delight life has to offer, no matter how small.

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  • Barrel Of Good Clean Jokes For Kids


    Get ready to giggle, grin, guffaw, and sometimes groan with this supremely silly, fantastically funny, and completely crazy collection of clean jokes. This barrel full of fun will have your whole family rolling on the floor in laughter.

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  • Laugh Like A Kid Again


    You Can Find Hope in Life’s Upside-Down Moments

    You’ve heard that laughter is the best medicine, but when reality hits, it can be difficult to muster joy.

    Popular humorist and bestselling author Phil Callaway has walked through darkness, and knows well the downward spiral that can follow hardship and the long road back to happiness. In his newest collection of short stories, he brings a dose of laughter and levity to life’s toughest moments. Drawn from his personal experiences, these inspiring and heartwarming accounts rooted in God’s truth deliver real and lasting hope.

    Whether you’re facing a grave diagnosis, fractured relationships, financial burdens, or any number of bumps in life’s journey, you don’t have to let the grip of fear and bitterness take hold within. Learn to laugh again…with the help of humor-packed life lessons and encouraging insights.

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  • About Your Father And Other Celebrities I Have Known


    Peggy Rowe is at it again-this time giving a hilarious inside look at growing up Rowe, both before and after Mike’s rise to fame.

    Since the day they said, “I do,” Peggy’s previous “doting” lifestyle met with her husband John’s minimalist ways and became the backdrop for years of adventure and a quirky sense of humor because of their differences. From thoughts of wearing headlamps in the house to save energy, to squeezing out the last drop of toothpaste with a workbench vise, Peggy learned to pick her battles and celebrate the hilarity in each situation.

    Once their boys were born, woodstove mishaps and garbage dumping tales were the seed for Mike’s obsession with doing dirty jobs and the comical presence he is known for today.

    As Mike rose to fame, Peggy was his biggest fan-who gave motherly advice and constructive criticism, of course. She baked cookies for Mike to take to Joan Rivers for a Christmas party hostess gift, and even wrote fan letters under faux names and mailed them from different cities to Mike’s producer.

    By the time Mike hits it big, Peggy and John retire to face more adventures, with a lightning strike in their condo, an elderly friend who ate marijuana leaves, and entering into celebrity status by making Viva paper towel and Lee jeans commercials, plus so much more.

    Peggy’s stories relive the details that intrigue and entertain old and new fans alike. So if you want a bigger, even funnier take on the Rowe family, About Your Father and Other Celebrities I Have Known delivers.

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  • Arkful Of Animal Jokes For Kids


    Why did the chicken cross the road?

    To pick up her own copy of An Arkful of Animal Jokes–for Kids!

    This hilarious collection of jokes, funny stories, riddles, and one-liners is sure to make anyone laugh. . .even you sourpusses!

    Perfect for 8-12-year-olds, An Arkful of Animal Jokes–for Kids! features chapters on more than 30 kinds of animals, from:
    *alligators to chickens
    *dogs to frogs
    *monkeys to skunkies
    *snails to zebras

    There are nearly 500 jokes in all, including a section on the keeper of the world’s first floating zoo, Noah himself! If you’re looking for clean, good-humored, often laugh-out-loud entertainment, this is the book for you. Don’t miss the boat– An Arkful of Animal Jokes–for Kids! awaits.

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  • LOL Apalooza Jokes


    LOL-apalooza will have your children giggling as they read and share hundreds of good, clean, and hilarious jokes.

    Get ready for some funny family time! Your children will want to share with friends and family the jokes they find in LOL-apalooza. Chock-full of more than 444 jokes accompanied by humorous illustrations, this book will help your kids grow their confidence as they tell jokes to friends and family. Each title in the Knock-Knock Rocks series includes a special knock-knock section. From silly puns to knock-knock jokes, the fun doesn’t end!

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  • Odd Ly Enough


    Humorous. Authentic. Relatable.
    That’s Carolanne Miljavac in a nutshell.

    And those qualities are just what her more than 300,000 social media followers adore about her. Her Odd(ly) Enough is a message that your heart needs to hear: It’s time to embrace the “you” God made you to be. Tune out the naysayers of the world and jump into His loving arms. He’ll walk alongside you as you passionately pursue your God-given purpose. With chapters like “Who Do You Think You Are?,” “Control Freak,” and “Embrace Mistakes,” you will find yourself becoming a little more courageous. . .and a lot more confident about God’s purpose for your life.

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  • Ship Of Fools


    “You look on in horror, helpless and desperate.
    You have nowhere to go.
    You’re trapped on a ship of fools.”
    -From the Introduction

    In Ship of Fools: How a Selfish Ruling Class is Bringing America to the Brink of Revolution, Tucker Carlson tells the truth about the new American elites, a group whose power and wealth has grown beyond imagination even as the rest of the country has withered. The people who run America now barely interact with it. They fly on their own planes, ski on their own mountains, watch sporting events far from the stands in sky boxes. They have total contempt for you.

    “They view America the way a private equity firm sizes up an aging conglomerate,” Carlson writes, “as something outdated they can profit from. When it fails, they’re gone.”

    In Ship of Fools, Tucker Carlson offers a blistering critique of our new overlords. Traditional liberals are gone, he writes. The patchouli-scented hand-wringers who worried about whales and defended free speech have been replaced by globalists who hide their hard-edged economic agenda behind the smokescreen of identity politics. They’ll outsource your job while lecturing you about transgender bathrooms. Left and right, Carlson says, are no longer meaningful categories in America. “The rift is between those who benefit from the status quo, and those who don’t.”

    Our leaders are fools, Carlson concludes, “unaware that they are captains of a sinking ship.” But in the signature and witty style that viewers of Tucker Carlson Tonight have come to enjoy, his book answers the all-important question: How do we put the country back on course?

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  • Lots Of Christmas Jokes For Kids


    Christmastime just got a whole lot merrier with Lots of Christmas Jokes for Kids. Over 250 hilarious, kid-friendly jokes and riddles will make the whole family laugh out loud!
    Q: Why is it always cold at Christmastime?
    A: Because Christmas is in Decembrrrr.
    Q: Who delivers Christmas presents to cats?
    A: Santa Claws!

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  • Crack Yourself Up Jokes For Kids


    A hilarious collection of clean humor with fun illustrations for kids ages 6-12.

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  • Laugh Out Loud A Plus Jokes For Kids


    Rob Elliott, the #1 bestselling author of Laugh-Out-Loud Jokes for Kids, is back with an uproarious collection of school-themed jokes!

    Q: Did you hear about the math teacher’s plant?
    A: It grew square roots!

    Q: How do bees get to class?
    A: They take the school buzz!

    Rob Elliott’s #1 bestselling Laugh-Out-Loud Jokes for Kids series has sold more than 2.5 million copies to date, and now he’s back with a set of jokes to last the whole school year. With riotous jokes for every occasion, from chortling in the hallways to cackling on the bus, these instant classics-full of fresh, clean humor-will keep the whole school quaking with laughter!

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  • When I Make It To Heaven Im Going Straight To The Complaint Department


    Ever wonder why God gave us seemingly useless parts in this marvelous creation we call the human body? As a physician, I have not only wondered this over the years, but have felt God should be called to account for not correcting these errors. Why did he leave it up to doctors to have to scramble and patch up the ailments of the body?

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  • Srsly Best Jokes Ever


    Why was the broom late?
    It overswept.

    What did the janitor say when he jumped out of the closet?

    The next time your young comedian is looking to serve up priceless entertainment, share Srsly. Best. Jokes. Ever.!

    Get ready for unending hilarity and unyielding giggle attacks, because these jokes do not quit!

    If you do not think cows and pigs could get any funnier, think again. Srsly. Best. Jokes. Ever. is sure to have you rolling on the floor with laughter with smiles so big your cheeks hurt…srsly!

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  • 9 Lives And Counting


    Although Carl should have been dead nine times and counting, God, for some purpose, has delivered him time and time again. Perhaps Carl is to do something really life changing, or perhaps he is just to continue the many acts of kindness he does for others each day.

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  • 101 Conservative Limericks


    101 Conservative Limericks is designed to bring a laugh through clever wordplay and also spark political thought on the more serious ones, if there is such a thing.

    These limericks first appeared online (and sometimes in print) in the Dallas Morning News and on the author’s “The Limerick Guy” blog, where they ran regularly for nearly four years, numbering approximately 350 in total. The cream of the crop is within these pages: 101 “righter-than-left” poems ranging from contemporary headlines like Benghazi and immigration to the final days of the “Obamadastrain” and the rise of “Hillary Dillary Dock.”

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  • Super Epic Mega Joke Book For Kids


    The Mega Joke Book is just the thing for comedians and joke-lovers, young and old! Kid-friendly and fun, this collection of hundreds of jokes, riddles, tongue twisters, and more will keep everyone giggling for hours. So, what’s the funniest joke you’ll find in this book? Knock, knock. Who’s there? Lena. Lena who? Lena little closer and I’ll tell you!

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  • Lots Of Knock Knock Jokes For Kids


    Knock, knock. Who’s there? Don’t get so excited, it’s just a joke. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Anita to borrow a pencil. New from Zonderkidz, here’s a collection of knock-knock jokes that is both hilarious and wholesome. Lots of Knock-Knock Jokes for Kids is sure to send every kid you know to his knees in a breath-stealing, side-splitting, uncontrollable fit of giggles. It’s that funny. And with more than 350 jokes, the laughs are sure to never quit. This collection provides fun for the whole family and includes bonus Q& A jokes and riddles too!

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  • Lifes A Joke


    Sometimes life hands you lemons. In this collection of jokes, autobiography, and personal philosophy, author and businessman “Dr. J. T. Dock Houk” makes an ocean of lemonade. Life’s a Joke compiles four books – “It’s All About Me,” “My Life with a Girl,” “Kids and Pets,” and “Life Around Us” – recounting 1,162 jokes, funny anecdotes, and descriptions of Sunday morning comics, clippings of which Dock has been collecting for an incredible amount of decades.

    As the author writes, “What I mean to convey by saying ‘life is a joke’ is that humor has helped me over some of the rough spots by showing me a side of life that either explains what I am feeling, or gives me a glimpse of something I also see. Humor, whose visual expression is often a joke, makes me smile or even laugh out loud. And sometimes, if you don’t laugh, you might cry.” So crack open “Life’s a Joke” and crack a smile. You might learn a little wisdom – but if not, at least you’ll get a laugh.

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  • Listening To Rural Midwestern Idioms Folk Sayings Revised 2nd Ed.


    Images Unlimited Publishing
    Find fun and laughter learning about the meaning and uses of almost 1000 different popular rural Midwestern phrases, sayings and curious expressions. Some may appear to be crude and crass, but they are authentic.

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  • Lots Of Jokes For Kids


    Q: What do you get when you cross a parrot and a centipede?
    A: A walkie-talkie!

    Q: What kind of light did Noah install on the ark?
    A: Floodlights

    Introducing a collection of jokes that’s hilarious, clean, and kid-friendly and includes everything from knock-knock jokes, to Q&A jokes, tongue twisters, and a whole lot more. Lots of Jokes for Kids is certain to have every kid you know laughing out loud, snorting riotously, and generally gasping for air.

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  • Candles : Some Burn Bright Mine And Others Dont


    “This is a compilation of stories that cumulatively have become an explanation of how lucky and unlucky a person like me can be,” Mark Owen Cope Sr. writes in the introduction to this book. In his seventy years of life, he has witnessed over and over again the manic whims of Fortune-often with hilarious consequences. Whether it’s the baseball bat he’d always wanted leading to the near-drowning of an old lady (“A Lovely Little Baseball Bat”) or a former circus performer’s mobile home falling literally under the Arkansas Guarantee (“The Dog Poop Lady and the Arkansas Guarantee”), each story turns on those real-life twists of irony that are always stranger than fiction. Some of these anecdotes are jokes, others probe at darker points in Mr. Cope’s life, but throughout this collection of stories, as in life, the author never loses his sense of humor. Mark Owen Cope Sr., originally from Idaho, has lived across the United States, in California, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and North Carolina. Since his teenage years, he’s worked a number of jobs, from electrician’s helper to air-conditioning repairman to mobile-home salesman to plumber (and everything in between)-jobs which have brought him into contact with the comical cast of characters that populates this book. In his youth, Mr. Cope spent two terms enlisted in the Air Force, working primarily in radio repair, photo interpretation, and intelligence. Mr. Cope has four children and survives his late wife, Betty, to whom he was married for more than forty-five years and to whom this book is dedicated.

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  • Humorous Poems And Others Of The 21st Century 1


    What makes poetry a good read is the creativity in the rhymes and rhythms. The author, wanting to delight the readers with humor, told short stories through stanzas and lines. He used an unconventional technique, which is mostly childish and funny yet enjoyable. Each poem discusses a certain topic, sometimes about childhood tales and characters, while other times about war, love, and adulthood. The reader shall be brought into a different world and shall meet a new persona in every page turn. Divided into four parts, this collection of poems gives the effect like an undulating ocean, without disappointing the reader about the word play that comes in every part. Humorous Poems and Others of the Twenty-First Century: Volume I, by Erwin K. Yarbrough, Jr., delves about diverse topics that are pleasurable to read from end to end.

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  • Si Cology 1


    You know him from the hit A&E(R) show Duck Dynasty(R)-now you can enjoy Uncle Si’s tall tales, crazy exploits, and quirky one-liners in one raucous collection!

    “These hands are so fast, I can get your wallet before you know it. In a minute, you’ll be standing there buck naked and won’t know what hit you!” “Look here-if it wasn’t for my tripped knee, I’d be playing in the NBA today.” “Hey, Jack!” Any of these sound familiar? If they do-or even if they don’t-you’re in for a good laugh. The brother of patriarch Phil Robertson, Uncle Si has a limitless supply of stories about his childhood, duck hunting adventures, his days in Vietnam, and everything in between. Now the best of those tales are gathered into this roaring book.

    And as Uncle Si recounts his outlandish tales, he weaves in an up-close look into his personal life. You’ll learn about his childhood as the youngest son in the Robertson family, his college days, and how he came to use a green Tupperware cup for his ever-present tea.. And in many of these never-before-heard tales, Si openly talks about his wife Christine and two children, Scott and Trasa-who are never seen and rarely mentioned on the show.

    Sure to please die-hard fans and curious newbies alike, Si’s one-liners are presented alongside fun, expressive photographs, as well as photos of his family. As you learn about his behind-the-scenes life, this smattering of zany stories will have you falling over with laughter and retelling them to all your friends.

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  • Humor With A Halo (Revised)


    In this revised collection of humorous tales, readers will find themselves turning page after page with soul-stirring laughter. Humor with a Halo: True Funny Stories from Church Life, Revised Edition reminds readers that while much of the Bible focuses on serious themes with serious characters, the pages of scripture are not devoid of laughter. In fact, scripture mentions laughter twenty times and if we dare to peer into the church, deep beyond the wooden pews and stained-glass windows, we will discover a church sustained by people who experience joy and laughter every single day.

    With that knowledge, Al Fasol has been inviting us to laugh with him for the last 25 years as he retells true and hilarious stories centered on faith and church:
    * A nine-year-old boy reminds his pastor that the biggest church crowds only happen when the preacher isn’t speaking.
    * A note on a church bulletin board issues an invitation for “all who would like to sin in the church choir.”
    * A guest preacher arrives and gives the invocation at the wrong church.
    * A man falls asleep in church during a power outage and awakens to total darkness, proclaiming aloud to the entire congregation that he has become blind.

    Dozens of stories like these fill this heart-warming collection of humorous tales, serving as a pleasant reminder that following Jesus is a joy-filled experience. Humor with a Halo: True Funny Stories from Church Life, Revised Edition delivers timeless joy for old, young, and everyone in between and leaves readers with a tremendous reserve of hilarious and contagious joy.

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  • Whats So Funny


    In the annals of TV history, few entertainers have captured as many hearts, tickled as many funny bones, and brought as many families together in living rooms across America as Tim Conway. In What’s So Funny? he brings his hilarious hijinks from the screen to the page.

    Conway’s often-improvised humor, razor-sharp timing, and hilarious characters have made him one of the funniest and most authentic performers to grace the stage and studio. As Carol Burnett has said, “there’s no one funnier” than Tim Conway. In What’s So Funny? Conway takes us on a seventy-year, rags-to-riches journey that is touchingly comical and ultimately inspiring, from his pranks in small Ohio classrooms during the Great Depression to his pitch-perfect performances on national TV and in major motion pictures. Along the way, Conway shares hilarious and often moving accounts of the glory days of The Carol Burnett Show; his famous partnerships with entertainment greats like Harvey Korman, Don Knotts, and Dick Van Dyke; and his friendships with stars like Betty White, Bob Newhart, and, of course, Carol Burnett, who also provides an intimate foreword to the book.

    As Conway continues to tour the country giving live comedy performances that enchant his always eager audiences, What’s So Funny? brings his warmth, humor, and heart to delight and inspire fans everywhere.

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  • Big Book Of Laugh Out Loud Jokes For Kids (Reprinted)


    Combining Laugh-Out-Loud Jokes for Kids, Zoolarious Animal Jokes for Kids, and Knock-Knock Jokes for Kids, Elliot will have kids of all ages laughing with the gut-bustingest, knee-slappingest, guffaw-inducingest, funniest collection of clean jokes you can find.

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  • Psychic Pancakes And Communion Pizza


    “Psychic Pancakes and Communion Pizza” is Bert Montgomery’s highly anticipated follow-up to “Elvis, Willie, Jesus & Me.” Containing reflections on music, film, culture, and life, one can find Jesus (and sometimes even the Church!) in the midst of it all. The book is firmly rooted in time and place-a 21st-century university town in the South-yet ventures into a varying array of topics and subjects; everything from Hurricane Katrina to the Super Bowl Saints, from Ellen DeGeneres to Charlie Manson, and from suicide to salvation. And, there’s a little more Elvis and Willie thrown in for good measure!

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  • Peculiar Goings On


    Dave Walker, cartoonist, web editor and former church and community youth worker has become the UK’S leading cartoon commentator on the state of the Church (from what the biscuits you’re offered there say about it, to insider knowledge of synod workings). His uniquely styled Guide to the Church cartoons appear weekly in the Church Times, and on the paper’s daily blog, and many more can be found on Dave’s website, This is his fourth collection of cartoons and his books alone have sold 13,500 copies so far. His many fans will love this further collection with its numerical table of churchgoing types, its at-a-glance guide to going on a retreat, its explanation of what actually happens to all those yogurt pots collected for the holiday club, and its startling revelation of what people are really thinking about during the prayers, and a great deal more hilarity on every page.

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  • Just Joking : 300 Hilarious Jokes, Tricky Tongue Twisters, And Ridiculous R


    Q: What do planets use to download music?
    A: Neptunes.
    Q: What goes zzub zzub?
    A: A bee flying backwards.
    Q: Why did the baby cookie cry?
    A: Because it was a wafer so long.
    Packed with the silly jokes that kids love, including knock-knocks, tongue twisters, riddles, traditional question and answer jokes, and more, Just Joking will be presented in National Geographic Kids’ colorful, photo-driven style. Laughing animals, funny people, and other colorful photos are paired with each joke, adding an extra laugh on each page. National Geographic Kids’ signature square trim size and candy-colored palette make this fun-filled book perfect for tossing into a backpack to share with friends at school or camp.

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  • You Cant Keep A Good Tune Down


    Warbling sopranos, bellowing basses, someone in the back row at least a line ahead of everyone else, fusty robes, intransigent organists and temperamental clergy – welcome to the world of the local church choir. There is no better observer of the volatile relations between the clergy, the choir, the organist and the congregation than Reg Frary who has seen it all in over seventy years’ first hand experience of sitting in the choir stalls Sunday by Sunday and at weddings, funerals, carol services, festivals and other occasions.

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  • She Said He Says


    SKU (ISBN): 9781612154244ISBN10: 1612154247Katy MastromatteoBinding: Trade PaperPublished: December 2010Publisher: Xulon Press Print On Demand Product

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  • Treasures Of Biblical Wit


    If you will allow Him to, the Holy Spirit will speak to you through God’s written Word, the Holy Bible: and when it happens, your life will take on greater meaning and you’ll be wiser in dealing with the events of each day. God’s Word is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, cutting deep into our innermost thoughts and desires and exposing us for what we really are. The humor found in this book will help relieve the stress of your daily routine here on Earth, our temporary place of abode, and prepare us for the life to come. God has an answer for all that is happening around us, and everything is naked and exposed before His eyes. His Word is profitable for our teaching, our correction, and our conviction.

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  • Exciting World Of Churchgoing


    Dave Walker, a thirty-something cartoonist, web editor and former church and community youth worker has become the UK’S leading cartoon commentator on the state of the Church (local and national). His Guide to the Church cartoons appear weekly in the Church Times, and on the paper’s daily blog, and many more can be found on Dave’s website, This is his third collection of cartoons. His first cartoon collection reprinted within three months and is now in its third printing. His second collection is in its second printing. His many fans will love this third volume with its Tweeting bishops, its sociological study of the average Lent group, its handy guide to weighing up the respective merits of going to a church service vs. an Alpha course, and a great deal more.

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  • Quote Me : The Book Of All New Quotes


    The majority of this book is simply and cleverly written, with a few humorous puns. Some of the quotes were written from a slightly Christian conservative viewpoint. It is the author’s desire to entertain you and make you think and to make you appreciate good humor and well-written sayings.

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  • Moses Favorite Travel Jokes


    Sure, it’s “sanctified imagination”-but you have to believe Moses had a good sense of humor to be able to lead those cranky Israelites on a 40-year desert journey. Assuming he knew a good joke when he heard one, here’s a collection that might have made him proud: Moses’ Favorite Travel Jokes! Just in time for vacation, this brand-new collection features funny stories about planes, trains, and automobiles-and the people who use them. It’s clean, good-natured fun appropriate for all ages.

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  • Ha : Humor For The Lighter Side Of Life


    When sweating the small stuff gets to be a way of life, this book can help keep things in perspective. Packed with anecdotes, quotes, and more, Ha! can make even the grayest day full of sunshine with it’s humorous look at the lighter side of life. A great gift for the lover of laughter in your life!

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  • Many Faces Of Biblical Humor (Revised)



    The Torah

    Early History

    Days Of The Kings

    Wisdom Literature

    The Prophets

    The Synoptic Gospels

    The Gospel Of John

    The Acts Of The Apostles

    Humor In The Letters


    Glossary Of Hebrew And Greek Terms

    Index Of Scriptures

    About The Author

    Additional Info
    The Many Faces of Biblical Humor examines how the Bible writers intentionally used humor, irony, and sarcasm to argue their points concisely. This work begins with the dysfunctional families of Genesis, continues delightfully through every book of the Bible, and ends with a glorious fulfillment in Revelation. Along the way, the reader is presented humorous stories, pathetically funny characters, and poignant quips and quotes from prophets, poets, and principals. The author paraphrases each biblical text in an engaging prose that highlights the humor of that passage-humor that may not have been previously noted by the reader. Between the paraphrases, the author sets the historical and linguistic setting, allowing the reader to see how the humor (and puns) of the text enrich the biblical understanding of God’s message. Also included are applications of these marvelous passages to our daily lives as we see our own foibles portrayed in the biblical characters. In many ways, this is a Bible commentary with an accent on the humorous. In another sense, it is simply a delightful book that makes the Bible come alive through the latent humor of its characters and their stories. This revised edition contains corrections of typographical errors in the first edition as well as some clarifying material to make the humor more enjoyable.

    For more information, visit the author’s website.

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  • We Dont Do That Tune Vicar


    There’s nothing like singing a favourite hymn to the wrong tune to get everyone up in arms – the congregation will blame the vicar, the vicar will blame the organist, the organist will take it out, as usual, on the choir who claim they never, ever, sing any other tune. By this and other such common occurrences, a low grade war of attrition is constantly maintained in local churches everywhere. It keeps everyone on their toes. And there is no better observer of the volatile relations between the clergy, the choir and the organist than Reg Frary who has seen it all in almost seventy years’ first hand experience of sitting in the choir stalls Sunday by Sunday. Here are 23 new stories, largely featuring trouble over tunes, which will greatly entertain Reg’s loyal and eager readers.

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  • Hearts To Heaven And Tempers Raise


    Like a favourite TV comedy series, Reg Frary returns with another collection of all-too believable stories about anarchy and revolt waiting to break out in the choirstalls. They may look angelic in their robes, and may (on rare occasions) even sound like angels, but it’s a dirty game keeping one step ahead of the vicar’s trendy ideas and the choir director’s aspirations to dictatorship. It all necessitates frequent councils of war down at the Dog and Duck after practice…

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  • Sacred Diary Of Adrian Plass Christian Speaker Aged 45 And Three Fourths


    Adrian Plass lovers got their initial baptism of laughter through his bestseller, The Sacred Diary of Adrian Plass (aged 37 3/4). The author’s account of ‘serious spiritual experiences’ naturally made him in demand as a public speaker – so of course another diary was inevitable. The Sacred Diary of Adrian Plass, Christian Speaker (aged 45 3/4) continues the misadventures of Adrian’s fictional alter-ego. As Plass gathers regularly with his support group, we meet old friends, including his longsuffering wife, Anne; son Gerald, now grown but no less irrepressible; loony and loveable Leonard Thynn; Edwin, the wise church elder; and Richard and Doreen Cook, who are just as religious as ever. We also meet some new characters, such as Stephanie Widgeon, who only seems to have one thing to say, ever. . . and who knows, we might even find out why Leonard Thynn borrowed Adrian’s cat all those years ago. And finally – what is a banner ripping seminar?

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  • When Did Caesar Become A Salad And Jeremiah A Bullfrog


    Hilarious refreshment for your soul. What do you get when you combine downright hilarity with outright wisdom? A delightful, uplifting read that will not only make you laugh out loud but will inspire your walk of faith.

    Pastor and author Martin Babb shares a hilarious collection of brief writings about the funnier side of life with titles like:
    “When did Caesar become a Salad and Jeremiah a Bullfrog?
    “If the incredible edible road-kill bill passes, will there be a fork in the road?
    “Life is an information superhighway, but I can’t seem to find the on-ramp”
    “The rain may continue to fall, but God still builds boats”
    “If an elephant bags a hunter, does he tie him to his trunk?”
    “It’s a dog-eat-dog world, and cats are waiting tables”
    Each humorous essay is just two or three pages long and concludes with an easy-to-swallow lesson on life topics, such as family living, loving others, servant-hood, and living through trials. But you’ll hardly feel the lessons for the laughter. Take a much-needed break, put your feet up, relax, and prepare to laugh. Your soul will be hilariously refreshed.

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  • Humor For A Friends Heart


    1. Friends Come In All Shapes And Sizes
    2. The Best Kind Of Friend
    3. Of Friends And Kids
    4. Friends Through It All
    5. Real Men Do Have Friends
    6. Friends: Can’t Live Without “Em!

    Additional Info
    Rejoice in the treasure of friendship. Take a deep breath…Inhale the joy…Soak up the merriment! If a cheerful heart is good medicine, then this humorous collection of stories is a heart-friendly dose of delight.

    Stories for friends about friends will have you and your friends giggling with glee. You’ll reminisce about joyous times you’ve shared and vow to make more hilarious memories together.

    Authors and speakers, such as Patsy Clairmont, Barbara Johnson, Brennan Manning, Luci Swindoll, Martha Bolton, and many more, bring you forty-plus joy-filled moments that will give your heart a healthy infusion of optimism and hope. As you read, laugh, and relax, this merry little book will make your heart lighter, your day brighter, and your soul hilariously refreshed.

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  • Beastly Christmas : A Comedy For All Ages


    Centering around the theme of the familiar song “The Friendly Beasts,” this intriguing program depicts what the animals who witnessed Jesus’ birth might really have been thinking — if they had human minds. There’s humorous interplay among camels, sheep, cows, and the donkey that carried the pregnant Mary as they share their unique perspective on the nativity. This complete presentation allows many different parts of the congregation to participate; speaking roles can be performed in a readers’ theater format by adults or youth, young children can portray the humans at the manger in a silent tableau, and musical selections allow the choir to be involved as well. A special feature is more than 70 reproducible drawings that can be projected for audience viewing. (Purchase of this book includes access to a downloadable PowerPoint file for use in performances.) This adaptable drama is ideal for use not only in church settings, but also in schools or for children’s programs.

    A five-copy package of supplementary coloring books for young children based on the imagery in the PowerPoint file is also available.

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  • 1st Clean Sex Quote And Joke Book


    Since 1970, Dr. Allen Unruh, a chiropractic physician, has been writing and collecting one-liner jokes and quotes. He has been a keen observer of the social scene. This hobby has helped him understand how to use humor to dispel tension and brighten up the day of everyone he meets. He went to Comedian Camp MinneHAHA. Then he went on to school to develop his wit, but attended only half the classes. A half-wit is still better than a dimwit or a nitwit. He believes that even the wisest of men relish in a little nonsense. One-liners and quotations help us get a perspective on life. Often the right one-liner can share a simple but profound truth. When it comes to life’s most important lessons, we can all use gentle reminders.

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  • Humor For A Teachers Heart


    Sharing Love. . .Making a Difference!

    Teachers answer one of the most important callings on earth – the call to shape the hearts and minds of our children. Teachers know that the long-term results of their hard work are not always evident in their everyday experience. But they show up every day, and they give their all to each of their students.

    And in the process of all that teachers do, they find that there’s a lot to laugh about. And they know that laughter is sometimes the best barrier between despair and delight.

    The humorous stories in this book are all about the life of a teacher – the frustrations and the joys, the challenges and the rewards. Short stories from popular authors – including Martha Bolton, Bob Welch, Teresa Bell Kindred, Linda Gilden, and many more – are sure to bring much needed refreshment and reminders of how valuable a teacher’s work really is.

    Whether for yourself or a teacher you know, this sweet infusion of humor is sure to lift hearts to new heights, heal the hurts of a bad day, and instill weary souls with inspiration.

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  • I Know Where Ive Been Im Just Not Sure Where Im Going


    Vignettes of Life, Funny and Serious Journeys in life, including true stories, fantasies, poems, and just jokes that are both thought provoking and sometimes just fun This compilation of fantasies, true stories, poems, and jokes comes from the regular column that Keith writes entitled “Keith’s Komments.” As he was writing many of these vignettes for his weekly radio program, a friend suggested that he start writing similar stories for the column, and that column has now turned into a book.

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  • Little Book Of Heavenly Humor


    Here, Syd Little presents his all-time favourite religious jokes and stories, many from other TV celebrities, such as Rick Wakeman, Bobby Davro, Ted Rogers and others. The result is a celebration of one of God’s best gifts: fun and laughter.

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  • Soul Of Wit


    A delicious collection of the very best of wit, satire and humorous quotations about the Church, its clergy,the people who put up with them – and vice versa. Spanning the centuries from Chaucer to the present day, it is a glorious send tip of the human foibles that so often ger in the way when the Church tries to live up to its calling. Many familiar figures from literature and letters arc inducted, but there arc endless surprises and novelties too, making The Soul of Wit not only a book to give great pleasure, but an essential resource for speakers, writers and preachers too.

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  • You Dont Look Like A Minister


    Here are candid observations and quips from a minister with over 35 years experience. These 36 delightful essays will be instantly recognized by anyone who serves a parish ministry.

    Consider …
    You can never hide the fact that you are a clergyman.
    Maybe it’s the way we usually sit down front it could be the shameless way we sing hymns as though they were meant to be heard. I’ve gone to church in a sport shirt and pastel slacks and had people say to me, “You don’t look like a minister, but you sure do sing like one.”

    Personally, I’ve always thought of heaven as down, like down in the Caribbean in February.

    The ad in the church supplies magazine said, “We put the van into evangelical.” It was from a company that sells buses and other vehicles to churches. If you can’t afford a van look what Peter did with only a pair of sandals and a heart of love.

    During a sermon, a spider dropped down from the end of the microphone. Ordinarily, I can take spiders, but in the middle of a sermon, I don’t need any more distraction. I get enough sirens, coughers and bookdroppers — and people who sit there grinning and I can’t figure out why.

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  • Book Of Bebb


    (PUBHarperSanFrancisco)Back in print! All four of the rollicking novels centering on Leo Bebb, the ex-con and founder of the Church of Holy Love, Inc., have now been put into one binding: Lion Country, Open Heart, Love Feast, and Treasure Hunt. “One of our most original storytellers,”—

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  • Humor For A Womans Heart


    There’s something about humor that refreshes and relaxes the soul.

    Humor has the unique power to lift a heart to new heights, to heal the hurts of a bad day, and to infuse the soul with inspiration.

    Samplings from some of your favorite authors and comedians including Patsy Clairmont, Martha Bolton, Mark Lowry, Carolyn Arends, and many more, will delight your feminine funny bone and tickle your female fancy.

    Take a deep breath, inhale the joy, soak up the merriment, and you’ll surely find that your heart is lighter, your day brighter, and your soul hilariously refreshed.

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  • Sociable : Or 1001 Home Amusements


    One of the most popular family books ever published. It is a collection of amusements, including parlor theatricals, games of action, games of memory, games requiring wit, ruses, forfeits, puzzles, fireside games for winter evenings, and science, and parlor magic. Filled with over 300 wood engravings which clarify the text and fully explain all the puzzles and other things difficult to describe in writing. This book is sure to entertain any old-fashioned gathering.

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  • Humor For The Heart


    Every heart needs to laugh. Every face needs to smile. Everybody needs a little lift. Humor has the power to transform a down day into a wonderful adventure or a good day into an even brighter one. That’s why you and those you care for are sure to enjoy the humorous messages and light-hearted stories in this delightful book.

    Whether you need relief from stress or some cheerful inspiration, the unique perspectives and fun stories of best-selling authors such a Barbara Johnson, Max Lucado, Marilyn Meberg, Chonda Pierce, Bob Phillips, Dennis Swanberg, Charles Swindoll, and more will give you a welcome refreshment in your busy day.

    As you read, laugh, and relax, this book will lift you above your daily struggles and give your heart a healthy dose of optimism and hope.

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  • Boomerang Joy : Joy That Goes Around Comes Around


    Best-selling author and speaker Barbara Johnson is famous for seeing and celebrating the bright side of life’s ups-and-downs. Now, in her first-ever devotional, she dares you to lighten up and enjoy life to the hilt. As Barbara says, “You’ve got to hone your ability to fling a smile a mile. Sure as anything, it’ll boomerang right back to you, more accurately each time you toss it out.” Barbara knows life is far too serious not to laugh. In 60 wise, witty devotions — salted with humor and peppered with a madcap illustrations of syndicated cartoonist John McPherson–she helps you perfect the art of the well-aimed chuckle. Boomerang Joy is the perfect tonic for when you feel tired or worn out — or when you just want a good laugh and some heartfelt encouragement. Barbara Johnson’s fulfilled insights will help you revel in your relationship with God and spread the joy of knowing His love. Just like a boomerang, joy that’s flung out far and wide will smack right back to you!

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  • Favor The Road To Success


    Bob Buess disusses how: Favor changes insecurity into self-confidence. Favor will change homes, husbands, wives, and children. You can receive God’s blessing and success in your circumstances. Included are many testimonies of God’s favor. The author combines heavenly zeal with a down to earth practicality, and you may find yourself laughing while learning!

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  • Who Put The Skunk In The Trunk


    Lawman John Stranger returns to Denver with a marvelous wedding present for Breanna and together they anticipate the ceremony. Then, just weeks before the wedding, John is sent to Phoenix to solve a difficult case for the U.S. Marshal’s office. His work there sets him against a gang of outlaws who are bent on revenge. Now, its uncertain whether the ceremony will take place as planned, or if John and Breanna will find themselves on their way to their honeymoon or a very different place.

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  • Never Lick A Frozen Flagpole


    Keep this book nearby for those times when you need a smile to brighten your day, or just want to laugh out loud at life’s many amusing circumstances! Phillips offers a collection of humorous stories and uplifting spiritual insights that will motivate and encourage you with reminders of God’s love.

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  • How To Live With Your Parents Without Losing Your Mind


    If you think How to Live with Your Parents . . . Without Losing Your Mind! was written to teach you how to change your parents, think again. This book helps you change your family by starting where the power to change really begins – with yourself and the way you view your folks.

    Ken Davis cuts through the complexities of living with parents. He uses the Bible to drive home the importance of family harmony. He encourages you that God is the “Wizard of Odds” who can help you overcome any family problem, no matter how big or small. And Ken shows you communication skills that can really make a difference
    But don’t get the idea this book is for teens only. Parents should read it, too. They’ll find new understanding of how they really make decisions, how they assert their authority, and how they express their love.

    This warm, funny book will help moms and dads do a better job of parenting their teenagers – and it will help young adults improve the way they “teenage” their parents. Read it, let your family read it . . . and watch good things start to happen.

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