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Brian Tracy

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  • Pasos De Gigante – (Spanish)


    Brian Tracy y Margarita Pasos combinan su experiencia para acortar tu camino al exito y darte los principios que les han permitido a ambos ser conferencistas internacionales, tener negocios exitosos y superar toda clase de obstaculos en el camino.

    Pasos de gigante es la guia que necesitas para actualizar tu mentalidad y tener la actitud que hace que cualquier persona se convierta, rapidamente, en un ganador. En este libro, Brian y Margarita ayudan a los lectores a acortar su camino y evitar frustraciones. Por eso te ensearan:

    *El habito mas importante para el exito y la abundancia

    *A apagar para siempre ese mecanismo de fracaso que casi todos los emprendedores tienen

    *Las 3 acciones diarias que haran que logres mas que el 80 % de las personas

    *Lo que si funciona para lograr el exito en los negocios.

    Los principios que aprenderas en este libro son comprobados y han ayudado a millones de personas a conseguir el exito y a tener bienestar emocional. No reinventes la rueda, toma el camino corto al ser llevado de la mano de estos dos mentores de talla internacional. Permite que Brian y Margarita te enseen lo que a ellos les ha llevado decadas aprender para crear negocios internacionales y crecer a un ritmo acelerado.

    Giant Steps

    Brian Tracy and Margarita Pasos combine their experience to shorten your path to success and give you the principles that have allowed both to become international speakers, have successful businesses and overcome all kinds of obstacles along the way.

    Giant Steps is the guide you need to upgrade your mindset and have the attitude that makes anyone quickly become a winner. In this book, Brian and Margarita help readers shorten their path and avoid frustration. That’s why they will teach you:

    *The most important habit for success and abundance.
    *To turn off forever that failure mechanism that almost all entrepreneurs have.
    *The 3 daily actions that will make you achieve more than 80% of people.
    *What does work to achieve success in business.

    The principles you will learn in this book are proven and have helped millions of people achieve success and emotional well-being. Don’t reinvent the wheel, take the high road by being led by the hand of these two world-class mentors. Let Brian and Margarita teach you what it has taken them decades to learn to create international businesses and grow at an accelerated pace.

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  • Gerencia – (Spanish)


    La fortaleza de cualquier organizacion esta determinada por la calidad de sus gerentes. Lo que ellos hacen y como lo hacen es la determinante clave del exito corporativo. Quiere llegar a ser valioso para su empresa? Mejore sus habilidades de gerencia. La buena noticia es que los grandes gerentes se hacen- no nacen. Cuando descubra lo que saben los gerentes mas exitosos, descubrira los secretos para convertir incluso a los empleados mas comunes en personas de extraordinario desempeno. Ahora con este practico libro, el experto exitos, Brian Tracy, revela como cualquiera puede facilmente:
    *Establecer normas de desempeno
    *Delegar productivamente
    *Definir areas de resultado clave
    *Concentrar atencion y recursos en actividades de altos resultados y eliminar distracciones *Contratar y despedir eficazmente
    *Formar un equipo de personal de alto rendimiento
    *Realizar reuniones que funcionen
    *Fomentar el espiritu de equipo
    *Comunicar con claridad
    *Negociar exitosamente
    *Eliminar obstaculos para el rendimiento
    *Establecer el ejemplo correcto
    *Tomar buenas decisiones rapidamente
    *Y mas

    Lleno de herramientas y metodos practicos y demostrados, este manual esencial le muestra como sacar lo mejor de su gente, y alcanzar nuevas alturas en su propia carrera.

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  • Arte De Cerrar La Venta – (Spanish)


    As one of the top salespeople in the world, Brian Tracy knows that the ability to close the sale is the key skill required by all top sales professionals. Fortunately, closing the sale can be learned by practicing the skills of the highest paid salespeople in every business. When salespeople follow a practical, proven, step-by-step process, they can get more orders, faster and easier than ever before. In El arte de cerrar la venta readers will learn to:

    Build value by focusing on benefits and solutions
    Lower perceived risk by emphasizing guarantees and assurances
    Answer any objection
    Bring a sales conversation to a natural and easy conclusion by using some of the best questions ever discovered.

    Brian Tracy, uno de los mejores vendedores del mundo, sabe que la habilidad de cerrar una venta es la destreza clave que necesita todo profesional experto en ventas. Afortunadamente, se puede aprender como cerrar una venta al poner en practica las mismas habilidades que utilizan los mejores vendedores en cada negocio. Cuando los vendedores siguen paso a paso un proceso practico y comprobado, pueden conseguir mas pedidos, mas rapida y facilmente que nunca. En el libro El arte de cerrar la venta los lectores aprenderan a:

    Generar valor enfocandose en los beneficios y las soluciones
    Disminuir el riesgo percibido al enfatizar las garantias y los seguros
    Responder a cualquier objecion
    Hacer que la venta llegue a una conclusion natural y sencilla utilizando algunas de las mejores preguntas que se hayan descubierto.

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  • Time Power : A Proven System For Getting More Done In Less Time Than You Ev


    One of the world’s premier business consultants and personal success experts, Brian Tracy has devoted more than 25 years to studying the most powerful time management practices used by the most successful people in every arena. Now, in Time Power, Brian reveals his comprehensive system designed to help readers increase their productivity and income exponentially — in just weeks! Filled with hundreds of powerful, proven tools and techniques, this book shows readers how to: * gain two more productive hours each day * make better decisions, faster! * set clear goals and focus on higher-value activities * manage multitask jobs more efficiently * overcome the people problems that can sap their time * use the five tools and techniques that will make them more productive for the rest of their lives * and much more! Overflowing with quick and effective time-saving strategies, Brian Tracy’s Time Power lets readers in on the secrets to being more productive, earning more money, and getting more satisfaction from life.

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  • Crunch Point : The 21 Secrets To Succeeding When It Matters Most


    In business and in life, things seldom go exactly as planned. You’ve probably figured out how to navigate around the little bumps, but what about full-blown crises, the kind with the potential to derail a company or send your personal life spinning out of control? Crunch Point presents a series of proven, practical techniques for overcoming any setback that may come your way — on the job, at home, or anywhere in your life. In an accessible, no-time-to-lose format, success expert Brian Tracy gives you the motivation, techniques, and confidence to grab tough and urgent problems by the horns and solve them — quickly, decisively, and completely. Crunch Point reveals Tracy’s 21 proven ways to: * Take control of the situation * Stay calm and rational — even in a crisis * Communicate clearly, constantly, and authoritatively with the key people around you — the skill that can make all the difference between failure and success * Identify and remove all obstacles to resolving the problem * Deal with problems more effectively by handling them systematically instead of randomly or emotionally, as most people do * Develop unshakeable courage and super-high self-confidence * Generate cash flow when the crisis is financial in nature * Never lose focus on your customers, no matter how dire the situation may seem * Cut your losses, when necessary, and save time and money in the long run Each chapter offers a selection of problem-solving strategies, complete with powerful action steps you can take regardless of the nature or size of the problem. It’s inevitable: At some point, the you-know-what is sure to hit the fan. Dealing with a crisis may never be easy or pleasant, but with the universal problem-solving techniques presented in Crunch Point, you’ll have the confidence and skills to rise above whatever comes your way — and you’ll be the one everyone calls “great under pressure.”

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  • Psychology Of Selling


    Brian Tracy, one of the top professional speakers and sales trainers in the world today, found that his most important breakthrough in selling was the discovery that it is the “Psychology of Selling” that is more important than the techniques and methods of selling.
    Tracy’s classic audio program, The Psychology of Selling, is the best-selling sales training program in history and is now available in expanded and updated book format for the first time. Salespeople will learn:

    “the inner game of selling”
    how to eliminate the fear of rejection
    how to build unshakeable self-confidence
    Salespeople, says Tracy, must learn to control their thoughts, feelings, and actions to make themselves more effective.

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  • Psicologia De Ventas – (Spanish)


    Brian Tracy, uno de los conferencistas profesionales e instructor de ventas mas destacado del mundo hoy en dia, se dio cuenta que su logro o adelanto mas importante en las ventas fue el descubrimiento de que “la Psicologia de Ventas” es mas importante que las tecnicas y los metodos de venta.El reconocido programa de Tracy, La Psicologia de ventas, es el programa de entrenamiento en ventas mas vendido de la historia. Los agentes de ventas aprenderan: El “juego interno” de las ventas Como eliminar el temor al rechazo Como construir una autoestima inquebrantable Los vendedores, dice Tracy, deben aprender a controlar sus pensamientos, sus sentimientos, y sus acciones si desean ser mas efectivos.

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