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Charles Taliaferro

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  • Dialogues About God


    Introduction: Some Groundwork

    First Conversation: Launching A Dialogue About God

    Second Conversation: An Exploration Of The Classical Understanding Of God

    Third Conversation: Arguments For The Existence Of God

    Fourth Conversation: If God Exists, Why Is There Evil?

    Fifth Conversation: Looking Into Miracles, The Incarnation, Redemption, Religious Diversity, And A Skeptical Challenge

    Afterword: Sources For Dialogues About God And Some Suggested Further Reading

    Additional Info
    One in the series New Dialogues in Philosophy, edited by Dale Jacquette, Charles Taliaferro, a leading philosopher of religion, presents several fictional dialogues among characters with contrasting views on the existence of God. The views express the many standard positions: theism, atheism, skepticism, and other nuanced arguments about the nature of God. In a series of five inspired, original debates, Taliaferro taps into several famous exchanges, including those among Antony Flew, Basil Mitchell and R. M. Hare; between Frederick Copleston and Bertrand Russell; and between Copleston and A. J. Ayer. The book includes a set of observations about the nature and conduct of debate: providing charitable interpretations of opposing sides and allowing interlocutors time to develop their points.

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