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Paula Gooder

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  • Phoebe : A Story


    Sometime around 56 AD, the apostle Paul wrote to the church in Rome. He entrusted this letter to Phoebe, whom he describes as the deacon of the church at Cenchreae and a patron of many. But who was this remarkable woman?

    Biblical scholar and popular author and speaker Paula Gooder imagines Phoebe’s story?who she was, the life she lived, and her first-century faith?and in doing so opens up Paul’s world, giving a sense of the cultural and historical pressures that shaped his thinking and the faith of the early church. Rigorously researched, this is a book for anyone who wants to engage more deeply and imaginatively with Paul’s theology.

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  • Journeying With Mark


    Journeying with Mark offers a brief and accessible guide to the Gospel of Mark. Perfect for personal reflection and sermon preparation, this inspiring resource follows the Revised Common Lectionary. Each chapter corresponds to a season of the liturgical year and the Gospel passages read during that season. The reader will find an introduction to the biblical text that looks at historical and literary themes; imaginative new ways to encounter Mark in preaching and study, including poetry; and reflections on the text’s meaning for contemporary Christian life. Each chapter ends with an action item, reflection questions, and a prayer.

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  • Body : Biblical Spirituality For The Whole Person


    1. The Imprisoned Soul?
    2. Keeping Body And Soul Together
    3. The Resurrection Body
    4. A Spiritual Body?
    5. The Life-Giving Spirit
    6. The ‘me’ That Is ‘me’
    7. Beautiful Bodies?
    8. The Body Of Christ
    Epilogue…so What?

    Additional Info
    The word spirituality is notoriously difficult to define. It is often used in a vague way to refer to the inner relationship between the self and God. The implication is that people only relate to God with their “inner” being (soul/spirit) and not with any other part of who they are.

    There is a lurking influence of Neoplatonism within Christian thinking that tends to assume that the material is bad and the spiritual good, that there is a gaping hole between our inner and our outer selves and that the proper location of devotion is our inner being. There is a further assumption that, especially in the writings of Paul, the soul is to be placed in the “good” category while opposite it, in the “bad” category, is the body-leaving the question of what is meant by heart and mind largely ignored.

    Paula Gooder here explores the meaning of six key concepts in the Bible, especially in the writings of Paul, before moving on to explore what Paul intended by the contrasts he drew, and what implications this all has for the way we think and speak about our spirituality today.

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  • Pilgrim The Eucharist


    Course 6: The Eucharist: How do Christians know and worship God? The six sessions of Course 6 reveal reasons why the Eucharist is celebrated as a memorial of Christ’s saving passion and stands at the very heart of Christian worship. Session 1 looks at worship as communion with God. Session 2 explores the Eucharist as the pattern of all Christian worship. Session 3 looks at the intimacy we have with God in Holy Communion and how we are transformed by the encounter. Sessions 4 – 6 look at worship as a sign and foretaste of heaven, shaping our whole life, and how the whole of life is sacramental.

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  • Joy Of The Gospel (Student/Study Guide)


    Church House Publishing

    This six-part course for parishes and Lent groups is based on Pope Francis’ much acclaimed recent reflections on mission and evangelism, published as Evangelii Gaudium (`The Joy of the Gospel’). Widely recognised as offering wisdom and vision for all Christians in a culture that is often hostile to the church, Evangelii Gaudium offers a positive and realistic approach to sharing faith in the modern world. Paula Gooder introduces its key themes to readers in all denominations and challenges them to consider its application in their own contexts. The course includes: Preface: Why Study Evangelii Gaudium? 1. The Joy of the Gospel 2. The Church’s Missionary Transformation 3. Amid the Crisis of Communal Commitment 4. The Proclamation of the Gospel 5. The Social Dimension of Evangelization 6. Spirit-filled Evangelizers

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  • Lentwise : Spiritual Essentials For Real Life


    As we journey through life, we face challenges – both big and small. What spiritual essentials will help us survive life’s storms?

    Lentwise is a five-session course which helps us to deal with the rigors of real life. Using fresh insights from John’s gospel, it explores:


    Each session contains enough material for 90 minutes and includes: guidelines and full background notes for leaders, a passage from John’s gospel freshly translated by the author, prompts to aid both discussion and understanding, inspiring quotations and personal stories, prayer exercises, ideas for using multimedia in the group, and resources to support worship together. Each group member will need a copy of the book.

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  • Meaning Is In The Waiting


    SKU (ISBN): 9781557256621ISBN10: 1557256624Paula GooderBinding: Trade PaperPublished: November 2009Publisher: Paraclete Press Print On Demand Product

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  • Way Through The Darkness


    Church House Publisihing

    When faced with times of crisis or challenge, many people turn to self-help for support. But what about Christians – how can we find strength not merely in self-help but in God’s help’ A Way through the Wilderness is a five-session course which explores God’s promise to comfort his people as they struggle through life’s wildernesses. With extensive guidance for leaders as well as for group members, this is an inspiring choice for house, cell and Lent groups.

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