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Philip Jensen

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  • Explore October-December 2023


    Ninety-one dated and numbered devotions from October to December 2023, covering portions of the Psalms, Tim Thornborough on Genesis, Carl Laferton on 1 John and Christmas devotions by Tim Chester.

    These daily devotionals will take you around 15 minutes. In just 15 minutes you can be encouraged to dig into the treasures of the Bible for yourself, excited to know and love Jesus Christ more and more each day, and equipped to live for him in the time and place that he has put you in.

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  • 1-2 Timothy : Guard The Gospel (Student/Study Guide)


    Why Study 1 & 2 Timothy?
    1. Positive And Negative (1 Tim 1:1-18)
    2. The Church Of The Mediator (2:1 – 3:13)
    3. The Mystery Of Godliness (3:14 – 4:16)
    4. The Great Gain Of Godliness (5:1 – 6:21)
    5. Guard The Good Deposit (2 Tim 1:1 – 2:13)
    6. Work And Life In The Last Days (2:14 – 3:17)
    7. I Charge You… (4:1-22)
    Leader’s Guide

    Additional Info
    Phillip Jensen takes us through Paul’s letters to Timothy in these seven bible studies for small groups.

    Listen to the apostle, nearing the end of his life, exhort and equip his protege to continue the gospel work. In every generation, we need to heed this call to guard, live out and pass on the gospel.

    Features close attention to the text, a focus on real-life application, and questions that really open up discussion.

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