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Reggie McNeal

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  • Kingdom Come : Why We Must Give Up Our Obsession With Fixing The Church And


    Are you more passionate than ever about following Jesus, but not sure you’re fully where he wants you to be? Are you a ministry leader determined not just to change the church scorecard, but the whole game? Do you dream of being the hands and feet of Jesus by serving your community in key, practical ways? Then you have a Kingdom heart-and whether you know it or not, you’re working to see the Kingdom come.In Kingdom Come, thought leader and church ministry consultant Reggie McNeal asks the provoking question: How do we get from where we are to where God wants us to be? He addresses both why the church must realign its mission with God’s Kingdom agenda and how church leaders can implement this strategic shift. Through personal stories, scriptural exploration, and examples of church engagement in Kingdom activity, Reggie offers inspiration as well as insight into how you can get in on and help lead the Kingdom movement currently underway. Discover how you can play a key role in helping the Kingdom come-here and now-right where you are.

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  • Get Off Your Donkey (Reprinted)


    Jesus had little patience with institutional religion that cared for its own needs while neglecting the plight of ordinary people. In one of his most famous parables, he sets up as a model of Christian behavior a man who, unlike some religious folks, actually gets down off his donkey and helps a person in dire need.

    With energy and enthusiasm, Reggie McNeal calls believers to dismount, get down and dirty, and live a life that makes a difference. He shows readers how to recalibrate their spiritual efforts to move from church-centric service to greater community engagement in order to do their essential part in creating a world worth living in. McNeal also shows readers that helping others actually helps the one doing the service just as much as the one being served. In fact, serving is the very best way to learn about yourself and grow spiritually.

    Anyone who longs to have the impact on the world that Jesus did will love this provocative and inspirational message.

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  • Practicing Greatness : 7 Disciplines Of Extraordinary Spiritual Leaders


    About Leadership Network.
    Foreword By Ken Blanchard.


    Introduction Needed: Great Spiritual Leaders.

    1. The Discipline Of Self-Awareness.

    2. The Discipline Of Self-Management.

    3. The Discipline Of Self-Development.

    4. The Discipline Of Mission.

    5. The Discipline Of Decision Making.

    6. The Discipline Of Belonging.

    7. The Discipline Of Aloneness.

    Conclusion Choosing Greatness.


    About The Author.


    Additional Info
    Based on his extensive experience as coach and mentor to many thousands of Christian leaders across a broad spectrum of ministry settings, Reggie McNeal helps spiritual leaders understand that they will self-select into or out of greatness. In this important book, McNeal shows how great spiritual leaders are committed consciously and intentionally to seven spiritual disciplines, habits of heart and mind that shape both their character and competence:

    The discipline of self-awareness-the single most important body of information a leader possesses

    The discipline of self-management-handling difficult emotions, expectations, temptations, mental vibrancy, and physical well-being

    The discipline of self-development-a life-long commitment to learning and growing and building on one’s strengths

    The discipline of mission-enjoying the permissions of maintaining the sense of God’s purpose for your life and leadership

    The discipline of decision-making-knowing the elements of good decisions and learning from failure

    The discipline of belonging-the determination to nurture relationships and to live in community with others, including family, followers, mentors, and friends

    The discipline of aloneness-the intentional practice of soul-making solitude and contemplation

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