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Regina Boyd

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  • Leaving Loneliness Behind The Workbook (Workbook)


    Leaving Loneliness Behind: The Workbook is the essential companion for Regina Boyd’s book, Leaving Loneliness Behind: 5 Keys to Experiencing God’s Love and Building Healthy Connections with Others. It provides exercises, charts, lists, ideas, interactive questions, and journaling space to put into practice the skills you’ve learned from the main book. Scripture reflections guide you to explore ways that connection with others help you live God’s plan for your life.

    The workbook corresponds to each chapter of the main book and offers:

    *a chapter summary;

    *guided scripture reflections and prayer questions to deepen your relationship with God;

    *a warm-up activity to prepare your mind and start identifying your goals;

    *two main activities that break down your goals into doable steps by using charts, lists, diagrams, and reflection questions;

    *a summary to pull together your goals, blind spots, and hopes into an actionable plan;

    *practical tips as you begin working on your relationships in day-to-day life; and

    *room to journal and chart your progress.

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  • Leaving Loneliness Behind


    Our connections with God and others are fundamental to who we are as people. The reality is that often these relationships–especially with our family, friends, and others around us–are less than ideal, and we end up feeling lonely. That loneliness makes us doubt God’s promises, our friends and family, and even the idea that we are worthy of love at all.

    In Leaving Loneliness Behind, licensed Catholic therapist Regina Boyd helps you build the skills you need to have meaningful, rich, and rewarding relationships with God and those around you.

    Emotional intimacy is the antidote to loneliness, Boyd says. It’s about sharing yourself and your feelings more deeply with another person–being vulnerable and trusting through what you say and how you act.

    So how do we reach emotional intimacy? Boyd identifies five keys:

    1. Recognize the potential depths in your existing relationships.
    2. Allow yourself to be vulnerable so that true intimacy is possible.
    3. Communicate through conflicts in a way that encourages affection, trust, and openness.
    4. Acknowledge the past and move toward emotional wholeness.
    5. Give of yourself for the sake of the relationship.

    Each chapter includes a real-life story that illustrates how applying the principles of emotional intimacy can transform marriages, friendships, families, and workplaces. Catholic thought, stories from scripture, and teachings from the Church highlight how our faith connects to our daily actions and exchanges.

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