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Rhonda Spencer-Hwang

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  • 8 Habits Of Healthy Happy Kids


    You can raise healthy children who thrive despite adversity.

    Dr. Rhonda Spencer-Hwang, a professor of public health and mom of three, shares the groundbreaking research she conducted in one of the world’s healthiest communities. After studying the childhoods of centenarians to find out what wisdom could be gleaned from their one hundred or more years, she documented eight simple, yet life-changing family habits proven to boost the health and happiness of children now and for the rest of their lives.

    Each chapter is packed with practical ideas for building grit, focus, gratitude, positivity, and more through daily patterns that reduce anxiety and produce joy.

    Our habits and experiences in childhood lay the foundation for our health as adults. You have everything you need to help your children thrive for a lifetime.

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  • Raising Resilient Kids


    With so many “experts” touting different approaches to raising thriving children, how do you know which is the best one?

    Dr. Rhonda Spencer-Hwang, professor of public health at Loma Linda University and mom of three, had the same question. As a member of a community known worldwide for its health and longevity, often referred to as a Blue Zone, she decided to study the area’s many centenarians to find out what they-or their parents-did right in childhood to make them so resilient to stress, disease, and the adversities of life.

    In Raising Resilient Kids, Dr. Spencer-Hwang reveals the intriguing findings from her research and offers eight principles for raising happier, healthier children who are equipped to flourish despite life’s inevitable adversities. Readers of Raising Resilient Kids will learn how to:

    *Empower children with determination, motivation, and empathy
    *Win over picky eaters and others who resist new routines
    *Reduce negative stress and boost happiness
    *Instill the values that motivate children to serve and help others
    *Enhance academic performance through healthy habits
    *Help kids begin to explore their passions and purpose.

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