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Richard Hasler

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  • Last Days Cycle C


    Do you serve people who feel like underdogs?

    The story of Jesus’ last days on Earth, as recorded in the Gospel of Luke, provide some of the New Testament’s most powerful inspiration for the “underdogs” among us.

    Richard A. Hasler draws from a deep well of modern-era stories to illustrate Jesus’ words of comfort and hope to people who seemed foolish, destined to lose in life.

    Learn how Albert Schweitzer “wasted” his gifts to become a missionary to equatorial Africa; how Feodor Dostoevsky depended on the grace of God to create beautiful work out of a broken life; how one young believer ministered to a woman living with a family of Satanists in an unlikely place; and more.

    These 12 sermons included in The Last Days reminds us we have the strength to serve, persevere and trust in Jesus Christ, even when doing so looks foolish, because we follow the king of underdogs … until the last days and forevermore.

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  • Prophets Pioneers And Possibilities


    “We have been called to travel lightly. We are on a journey of faith. None of us has arrived. We may remember a thrilling moment of decision when we first responded to the awakening of God’s love for us… We never know in advance where submission to the kingship of Christ will lead us.”
    — from the sermon for Christ the King Sunday
    Richard A. Hasler draws upon countless incidents from contemporary settings to bring the words of the Minor Prophets and 2 Samuel to contemporary Christian believers.
    Using scriptures from nine texts on the Old Testament, this book provides as many sermons for use in the Common Lectionary.
    Sermon titles include:
    – The Dreamer Within You — Joel 2:23-30
    – When God’s “No” Means “Yes” — Habakkuk 1:1-3; 2:1-10
    – Leaping for Joy — Malachi 4:1-6
    – No One Enters into the Kingdom… Save with Empty Hands — 2 Samuel 5:1-5

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