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What The Bible Says About Fasting Pamphlet


See key information on fasting at a glance! From Jesus’ 40 day fast in the wilderness to the “Daniel” fast, What the Bible Says About Fasting covers dozens of Bible verses on fasting and features over 20 practical tips for how to fast and pray!

Have you ever wondered why fasting is important? Do you want to fast, but not sure if you are doing it “right?” Have you fasted before, and nothing happened? Fasting is a key spiritual discipline that will grow your spiritual intimacy with the Lord and refresh your prayer life. Deepen your understanding of fasting and see key information at a glance with this quick-reference pamphlet packed with charts, dozens of fasting verses, and practical tips!

Enjoy getting solid answer to key questions on fasting:
*What is fasting? Why should I fast?
*Does Jesus say we are required to fast?
*What’s the “Daniel fast?”
*Will fasting help me get closer to God?
*How can I fast and what is the right way to fast?

Find out 4 different types of fasts; discover 8 tips on how to start fasting, and explore the connection between prayer and fasting as you dive into 17 stories of fasting from the Bible, including Daniel, Esther, Nehemiah, and Jesus. Great for personal or group Bible study!

14 panels, fits inside most Bibles, 8.5 x 5.5 inches, unfolds to 38 inches long.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781628623185
ISBN10: 1628623187
Compiled by: Rose Publishing
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: January 2016
Publisher: Rose Publishing


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